Artists Statement

To whom it may concern,

When the day slows down, the anti typical day for me; the one consisting of caring for an older man who happens to be my grandfather, I realize how blessed I am. For no other reason, really, than the warmth I feel and see seeing his spirits, his soul, alive and well thriving at the age of 90.

I’ve often times heard artists comparing their craft, passive aggressively, to a simple matter of obligation and honor. Deep down I intently listen with hopes they’re speaking from their heart. A form of recognition typically comes from experience. I’d say, I’ve often spoke about my practice similarly. Often times to my own demise…

I believe the life we’re living is based on the support we give to one another. I’ve heard, however, a counter argument which spoke of a self driven form of inspiration. Make no mistake, we all affect each other daily. I’d even say no one as famous as the legends we read about in school text books down to the artist hidden by cloaks in secret forms of self depreciation have ever done anything based on their own accord. Sure, there are people throughout generations who have proven themselves without direct assistance. The form of a successful artist cannot exist without inspiration from an outside source. I only can say this as an absolute by knowing most of the legendary tales of artists defined as successful artists. I do, although, realize there are leagues of individuals who have made a life devoting themselves to their practice while being accomplished and even then they have flown under the stereotypical radar governed by society. I’m not all knowing. Even then, no one has been able to live their lives in all our species existence, with acknowledging our primal ancestors who have developed the most earliest form of art, without coming into contact with another human being. I’d have to say, even one word even one look, from another person has been known to spring forth action bearing the most beautiful forms of creations. With that in mind, for many different reasons, vast ones at that, we are all products of our environment.

Recently I have been interviewed by a friend of mine who publishes an underground street art magazine. Within that interview I committed a grave error. I subdued the recognition of the source of my creations. I sidetracked the definition of my practice. The definition to my practice is this; YOU. It is that simple while being that complex. For this specifically, I thank you.

This, however, is not the impart of such a writing. My impart may be summed up in a couple sentences…

When we are dead and gone the true form of appreciation consists with the living. When we are alive, and well, it is in that of our lovers eyes.

I hope inside the depths of my soul I can carry out my fate by displaying the appreciation for those who have inspired me.

All in all, we’ll all be remembered for what we do. So make it count…


blake byers

An artist. Kind of…


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