An Empty Envelope

I’m proud. But I’m not that proud.

I’d always have something to say to you if you’d always have a listening ear.

The tree did make noise when it fell in the forest. I know this because I felt the reverberation. The resonance trembled beneath my feet up to my heart. I sat on a curb with my head suspended in the atmosphere graced by a black hood. The concrete below felt parts of my soul while salt was left behind as the evaporated water cleared the surface beneath my suspended head.

I floated through a crowd as I received visual letters from people I’ve met over the years. I sat in a booth sectioned off for me and my friends. A consistent wave of individuals approaching me to say hello finally ceased as the dance floor was entirely populated. I wrote these words down on a napkin with a blank expression. Friends came and went the entire night. I didn’t move. Stinking of whiskey and old leather I stood and vacated the only place my feet rested that night. No one said, “Elvis has left the building.” I didn’t even think of that until now. But I floated through the city with a song on repeat and my mind thinking of her.

Two gun shots rang out. Bang bang. I didn’t change my course. Approaching where the projectiles originated four police units locked the street up. The officers had their firearms drawn. Standing behind their cars. Yelling. They were yelling at a house. I floated through the scene as if I were invisible. Invincible. My steps although consistently the same as I’ve walked through this place on earth many times before felt slow as a motion picture trick. They were still yelling as I passed under yet another hanging orange light down the street.

“Do you smoke weed?” asked of me by a man with tape on his shoes. “No man. Not anymore.” I said as I kept walking lighting a splif, I heard the palm trees shivering as the wind passed through them. The moon separated the palm branches from the black sky. I could hear the man who wanted to get high with me talking to himself as his noise got more faint while the light put distance between us.

I sent you an empty envelope because I ran out of things to say to you. You needed me to do more. So sit there on your throne and watch…

Warmest regards,

blake byers


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