Those words,

We are dreaming. This is all a dream.

shall forever stay with me. Even if I think the following words, the new words, will be different… I’ll be ready.

The time in between the moment and the moment the realization occurs, it’s the worst. Waiting for the water to boil over… who’s ready for that?

I once heard from a friend a long while ago speak, “You’ll never be quite ready for life changing moments.” However, what moments aren’t life changing? I mean the typical moments like fueling up your vehicle, or brushing your teeth, even though over time if you don’t brush your teeth your teeth will rot from the root outward… which you can be ready for, those moments aren’t the ones I’m referring to. I’m referring to the ones a decision, either way, could dramatically change the course of your life. Water boiling out over a pot.

I know what you’re thinking, “You’re exploiting me right now.” no, I’m writing something I hope will change my life the direction I’m hoping for. All in all I’m hoping for you. I’m writing this with hopes the water doesn’t boil over. I’m writing this with hopes to hear I’m living a dream once again.

My dream.

Don’t you see, you’re my dream. You’ve been my dream.

Either way I’m done waiting…


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