The Bearded Trees

The weather has cooled off.

I called for you, we have plans to see each other. I finally told you how I was feeling. To you. I didn’t write yet another blog entry. I wrote to you. You haven’t said anything to me in response to what I wrote you, I figure you’re going to tell me in person. I don’t mind that, after all I told you I didn’t.

I took a long walk tonight. It’s 1:53 AM PST in California, Escondido. I stopped time while laying on my back at the entrance of City Hall. The time I stopped looked like a green spider web in the blackness of nights sky. I only wish I captured some stars in the image I snapped with my iPhone. The erection of building reminds me of you. On the way to City Hall there are trees covering Grape Day Park’s grass with black and gray shadows produced by the moon. This night a heavy fog hung over the trampled grass lurking in between the trees with an impression of what the they would look like if they had beards made with clouds. It was daunting, just a bit. I obviously continued into the Halloween like atmosphere. As midnight stuck twelve I clocked another year of life forward. I’m now 31. Well I’ll be 31 just after 6:30 PM PST officially. However, my age bracket was now the same as yours. I pulled out a beer I had been carrying in my peacoat inner pocket and opened it. The familiar sound and feeling of opening a beer with a Bic lighter did nothing for my senses. I’m still alone. I didn’t mind so much until I thought about last years experience. It was just the same. Alone.

I find a way to fuck it up.

Important qualities to possess.

I’m still working on those qualities. However, I’m doing pretty good at achieving them. Oh yeah, and goodness. That’s the most important one. Goodness. That one I want to perfect.

As I pour a glass of whiskey on ice mixed with a ditch of water for myself, now sitting here writing this thought, know I’m thinking about you.

– me

Post Script: Lightning can strike twice, you know?


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