Expanding the Why.

As I move along together in the process of artisanship, I’m finding my reasons for creating are changing. It was once for the reason of my muse. She is no longer the main contributing factor for making art. She still inspires me, unaware even. She always will, in some part. However, I am finding my why is expanding. My reasons are changing. Hung over from last nights session, I’m seeing things have changed without my consent and knowledge. I am fine with that. Inspiration is a tricky concept. To me it is the influence of others. Their affect. Their effects. Good or bad. Their energy is transcended upon me. I’m learning I am becoming self empowered and motivated upon my own strength and determination. Discipline. I own it. Although I will still focus on the drive and let it gradually change me as I have, still, so much to learn.

The journey is my focus. The why will expand based on creating in the current moment.

I will not stop. I cannot stop.

I recently was introduce to a company with a slogan “Fuck Your Hustle”. I chuckled to myself as I read those words. The company representatives gave me stickers and a personal business card. I left the encounter chuckling. We all find any source for inspiration. I’m on a positive tip. I’m looking for inner strength as my why. My reason.

To the moon…

– blake


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