Crushing Is An Under Statement

I don’t have many things. In fact I have next to nothing.

But when I had you, I had everything.

Time is a funny thing. I mean, to think about. It’s gotten away from me, yet again.

But the time I spent with you was the best.

I am laying down, again, hungry. I forget about it… when I think of you.

I’ve said I’m going places. I’ve said I’d make you famous. I’ve said I was going to make history. Well the facts are these, you’re already famous in my life and even if I accomplish what I want, in this life, without you it’ll mean next to nothing. Then again, that is my fault, not yours.

I guess you could’ve said this wasn’t just a crush…

I love you.

I’ve loved you for so long. I don’t know anything else.

But hey, at least I had the opportunity to meet you. At least I had the ability to make you laugh. At least I had an opportunity to know what it feels like to connect with someone so closely like we connected. At least we’re still here, alive.

I lose it sometimes. When I’m alone. When I think about the future. I don’t want to be alone. But I fear that’s my fate.

I got some good news last week. They said my intelligence evaluation is still as strong as when I first visited them. That made me sob. When they told me. I thought it may have increased…

I’m getting ready to go to New York by way of Baltimore. I’ll be talking to an agency who wants to represent me. They also want to show my work, for a year, in a known gallery on the Eastside. I’m having second thoughts about it.

Fictional stories usually have an ending that is see through. Hopefully you can see through this one.



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