As the Earth spins in control, at speeds which are mind blogging to me and mine, I’m missing your soft touch.

I go for weeks without touching another human. That’s paralyzing in the end. The lack of human touch…

It doesn’t really matter in the end, we ended things how we shouldn’t have ended things in the end. Ending’s are a new beginning.

I heard a story from an older man the other day… He told me never to go back. Never go back. Looking at his life makes me believe he’s correct.

However, he may not be.

However, he may not be.

MT. Some time ago, I lived there. Up where the sky is so big you wouldn’t believe me until you saw it for yourself.

I don’t want to talk about you anymore, but I have to say a few things…

When we parted in the rainy season I lost a part of my soul. It’ll be very hard to fix those parts. I don’t know if I’ll ever be with someone again. Even if I get offers, which I do, I don’t want you thinking I don’t. Anytime I go out, I get an interested woman, who is interested in me. I just don’t care about that. You were the last woman I kissed. You were the last woman I made love to. You were the last woman… but really you were the first.

I beg your pardon, I haven’t slept in a few days…

– me

POST SCRIPT: As these tears seem to dry, they’ve stained my soul. I’m sorry for all the mistakes I’ve made. I wish I could take them back. I wish I could help you like we used to help each other.

I’ll miss you.
I wrote 293 words, in this specific entry. That will never be enough. So I’ll keep writing.


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