Richard Hambleton (ART) The Shadow Man from The Artists Collection

The Shadowman

Even after many years, Richard Hambleton’s work still has the foundation of courageous and dedicated spirits. He will go down as one of the leading figures in street art. Hell, we could even say he gave street art wind to glide through these past decades. I’d even say he’s the godfather of installation art. People have simply called him the godfather of street art.

Richard Hambleton, aka “The Shadowman”, was dubbed that name for his “Shadowman” paintings of the early 1980’s. Each painting resembles a life-sized silhouetted image of some mysterious person, a “splashy shadow figure.” Hambleton stills resides and works in NYC, NY. Although many believe Richard to be such an influence in the art culture in the 21st century, specifically on the street, he views his work as public art…

The Following

The image that follows this paragraph is of a portrait I built of The Shadowman. It is a carving and painting. It’s built just like Japanese Printmaking pieces are created. It is 19.5″ x 29.5″. I used latex and acrylic paints. The medium is condensed Polystyrene decking.

I hope you enjoy it…


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  1. Thanks for sharing your work! I love these, the textures are fantastic!


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