Robin Williams (ART) from The Comedians Collection

Robin Williams from The Comedians Collection

When I stop for a moment and think about my life, I think about how it was good when you were in it.  That’s not what I am here to share with you, but I feel like it needed to be stated…

This piece, in other words, has a little something none of the others pieces have, and because of such said something it’s special to me.  The subject is the subject.  Robin Williams is definitely a character that needs to mention, even though his hard work and dedication to his craft is something obviously that should be appreciated in itself.  When lives turn directions and we are not ready for course of change, the best advice I can give you is accept them and move forward.  A dear friend of mine challenged me to create a piece relating to success and the ill affects success may have on an individual.  I initially decided I was going to make a piece relating to a man by the name of Mustang-Wanted (a dare devil from Moscow, Russia) to input a positive punch to the piece.  This piece was a commission, even though I had changed my mind, the client was unaware they were going to receive a piece of art portraying Robin Williams.  It was an audible I chose to conduct a social experiment,  Upon the completion of the piece and with the conclusion of the social experiment, I feel ready to keep making art and keep on my personal path.  With that being said, I’m thankful I have the ability to do what I love and do it to the fullest.  Ergo…  I will not stop.

Here are some images I’ve taken with my iPhone of the progress of how I built this image.

Robin Williams from The Comedians Collection 17.85″ x 28.85″ soundboard; latex, acrylic, and aerosol paints.  Custom framed with lighting system.











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