Love vs. Fame

Battling desire’s outcome to be an unwon war.

Now I’ve thought about this for years. I’ve even changed my course of action to achieve both. What you’re about to read is just my opinion and I’m in no way stating the following as fact, it is just how I think on the topic at hand.

Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, though the evident realities are not beheld. That is one definition of faith. Now, Love, which I have faith in, might possibly be defined differently. Maybe Love is defined with some variances, however I believe it holds similar defining matters. Fame, on the other hand, has no such binding similarities. Fame is a byproduct of hard work, discipline, dedication, and devotion. When Love is abundant, those three adjectives have to be present in order for Love to be indifferent. Although those could be the similar relations of Fame and Love. Either way, hard work defines both.

Love: I have often dreamt of a relationship I’d be in where, outside of those defining characteristics, would be easy. Possible. Engaging. But, there are too many variables when personal achievements of goals dictate ones life. The happening of which would thus be fame.

Fame: I’ve often thought about making a name for myself, with more than just one person in my life. Fame. Never working for the outcome of such. But, working my hardest to become successful. The happening of which would thus achieve a true love.

Oh Whatever

I suppose the answer to this key topic is to realize either, or both, are possible if a strength of mind is present within your life. Success is a fickle bitch. It’s almost a double edged sword. I’m sure the answer to this topic is to be a simple man, or woman, and give into the appealing draw of Love’s light.

If it isn’t for love, then what is its worth?

However, I’m on a path to change the world. If I’m remembered for doing such, I sure hope it’s related to how much I loved.

I suppose that is why I’ve been alone for quite the duration, specifically on the second to last day before the end of July, working to change the world…


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