So They Say

It’s been a long while and I am out of the brush.  Standing here, alone.  The skylight has diminished from a white balance of color to a purple huge.  Sitting here, along.  I’m not mad anymore.  I’m not worried.  I’m satisfied to know I had to take this journey to be where I am, right now.

I’ll make you famous.  But you never cared about that.

The Circus left last week, after the explosions of the 4th’s fireworks and all those kids eating candy cotton had dissipated.  It wasn’t really tiresome, I just noticed there where no more folks around these days.  The coast seemed a bit vast and vacant with out your hand in mine.  Either way you’ll be fine, so will I.

I would have made you famous.  But you never cared about that anyway.

So they say, when the lights of the city go down you’ll be with the one you love.  Well, who the fuck is “they” and how could “they” be so naive?  “They” probably wrote that quote down in their iPhone notepad after eating some cotton candy.  Well, it makes sense I know, but I know they’re wrong.  It wasn’t what you said that hurt me.  It was what you didn’t say that hurt me.

I would have made you famous.  Not that you cared about that anyway…

I heard this car wiz by just now, it made me chuckle a bit… nothing in this life is so hard to figure out if you take away all the bullshit.  Those feelings.  Those wrenched feelings.  I’d rather drink myself to life.  Two gunshots and a high five for a man who ties you down…

I would have made you famous.  I don’t care what you cared about anyway…  😉

Who cares at the end of the day?  You’ll be reading this in your car to work and you’ll be judging me for what I did wrong and you’ll never see what you did wrong.  So we’ll just stand here at this stand off, old shot gun style gunslinger standoff.

I’ll probably still make you famous…

But I don’t care.

But I do:

I get so distracted
By some peoples reactions
That I don’t see my own faults
For what they are
For what they are

At times so self destructive
With no intent or motive
But behind this emotion,
There lies a sensible heart
A sensible heart

See I’m no king
I wear no crown
But desperate times
Seem over now
But still I weaken somehow
It tears me apart
It tears me apart

I hope to learn as time goes by
That I should trust what’s deep inside
Burning bright, oh burning bright
My sensible heart


dedicated to a friend: Dallas Green.


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