The Fair

The sounds of the rides, the carnies, the games, and the people played a loud distance within my mind. It wasn’t until the fire works started I realized I was alone. There were couples all around me, I wondered where you were, even though I knew. I missed you. As the boom from each and every explosion blasted through the nights sky, I felt more and more distant from you. As the crowd cheered for the coup de gras of the sparkling lights lighting up their silhouettes, I longed for your company, for your fairness. I hate how many moments we haven’t been able to be apart of each others lives. The special moments, which were just ordinary without your presence, seem to happen more and more these days. I’ll never tell you these things for fear I’ll hurt you. You seem to be happy, that makes me happy, well for you at least. Will there ever be a time you and I will share those kinds of moments we shared when we were more than just apart. I long for a telephone call in which case you’ll let me know you still love me. I long for the moment you’ll find me and never let me go. I long for a time the fair will not be just a night among strangers.

I beg your pardon, I’m tired.


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