Charles Bukowski once said, “The less I needed the better I felt.”

In 2011 I sold most of what I owned, gave away more of it, and dumped away the rest. I didn’t know I was going to be here after all, it’s been a weird road. I agree with Chuck’s concept, he’s right I know, I guess what happened with me was you. There were times I figured I was dreaming and even imagining your presence, but once I realized you were real, well, it was too late.

This massive contusion I have suffered to my heart has made me realize, for the first time in my life, it’s okay to be where I am. I’m hurting, for now, but I’ll be okay. I am okay. I’ll be carrying through with my plans as I was planning before I met you. They changed because I cared about you.

Life: all the possessions I sold, gave away, and or got rid of have been forgotten about. I can remember some of them, but for the most part the simplicity of doing such actions has truly sent my life in a positive direction. However, it’s undeniable the things have happened the way they did with you and I, now, as we try to simplify our lives, I’ll never be able to forget you. You’re everywhere. It’s a good thing. I smile as least once a day due to your presence. And for that I have to thank you.

If you ever need a lending hand I’m not sure if I’ll be around physically, just know I’ll be there in spirit. Whatever that means.

Thank you for some of the best times of my life.

You meant a lot to me.

But now I’ll have to say goodbye to you…



About Blake Byers

Artist from Southern California.


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