It’s okay things change.

I know this.

It’s okay things change.

Just know you’re missed.

It’s okay things change.

Just know you’ll always be my Mrs.

It’s okay things change.

You were never afraid of giving me the business.


Understandably we made a great match. Even though we met again after knowing each other for twenty years, I feel like I’ve known you my entire life. Just the fact I know you makes me want to be a better man, even though knowing you makes me a better man, no contest. I’m always trying to be good, but you’ve helped me become great. I doubt I’ll be famous in this life, either way you’re famous in mine, my life.

Hot Air Balloons

I see hot air balloons now and again, however when I do, I think of you.

I’ve never been up above the clouds. Well, I’ve never been up above the clouds in a hot air balloon. Even though when I’m with you those clouds rated 1-9 {9 being the highest} seem to be below my feet as I sore through the atmosphere.

Hot air balloons, I’ll always think of you when I see them.


There’s something about being brought to life 18 years before 2000 was seen by anyone before. I think it has something to do with February. 19 days past the 1st, what a wonderful day that was, even though my existence would be realized 9 months past.


Let’s hope not.


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