After years of moving around, growing up, and religious difference I don’t know where home is.

Maybe that’s why I feel lost. I have nowhere to go.

I guess I have to make a new home. What’s the point, though, really? I’m not gonna be here that much longer. Well I’ll dream of home and hope I feel the warmth of that fire once again. Either way, the road is pretty god damn lonely.

When I close my eyes and think of that word home, I think of our family sitting around our dinner table talking about our individual days. I can see how happy my mom was, and my dad was content. Well it’s been almost Twelve years since I’ve felt at home anywhere, really. So I guess I’ll continue down this road. I’m doing pretty good at being alone and separate of a home.

Honestly, I found home. It was with me. Smile friends. Today might be your last.


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