We’re In Trouble

There’s a woman downtown San Diego yelling and throwing her belongings, probably all the belongings she has, to nowhere in particular. There has been fifty or so people walk by her, not one of those fifty noticed her, or at least acknowledged her presence.

We’re in trouble.

On the other side of the world, almost, Cyprus is stealing money from its citizens. Without any correspondence or notice while no one seems to have paid any notice.

We’re in trouble.

Three thousand miles away in a mafia ran city with crude mouths and bombs, they’re saying the Baptists bombed Boston as part of a church thing of sorts. No one seems to want to know who paid too much of a notice.

We’re in trouble.

Two hundred yards away, at city hall, the city of San Diego tries to recover from all the money that was stolen, by the corrupt politicians. No one seems to pay any notices.

We’re in trouble…



  1. Yes, we certainly are! And the list could continue………..!


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