Sēpia ( iPhoneographic Series )

I’m a huge fan of lines, angles, and shapes.

However, I’m almost an extremely big fan of soft edges, warm tones, and the natural outdoors.

Se • pi • a

– noun
1. a brown pigment obtained from the inklike secretion of various cuttlefish and used with brush or pen in drawing.
2. a drawing made with this pigment.
3. a dark brown.
4. Photog. a print or photograph made in this color.
5. any of several cuttlefish of the genus Sepia, producing a dark fluid used naturally for defense and, by humans, in ink.

– adjective
6. of a brown, grayish brown, or olive brown similar to that of sepia ink.

With that being stated, here are some images taken using this tone. All of these images have personal meaning to me and somehow have played a large role in my life and in my memories.

I hope you enjoy them.












Thank you for stopping by an taking a gander at these images. If you have enjoyed them please fell free to follow me on instagram: @blakebyers

These images were taken and edited with an iPhone 4.

©2012 Blake Byers All Rights Reserved


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