Dear Tomorrow


Dear Tomorrow,

I wanted to write you.  I know you’re just around the corner from where I am, but do you think you could hold off for just a small while until we get together?  Currently I am dreaming of Today.  Don’t get me wrong, you are wonderful.  Please do not feel like you’re not what I want.  You see, it’s just that Today and I are having so much fun with one another.  We are enjoying each others company.  Today is here with me.  There have been times that I have felt you rushing me but there’s nothing better than what’s happening right here, with Today.  It’s not you, it’s me.

In the past, when I have closed my eyes, I could remember being with Yesterday.  Yesterday will always be there.  I am extremely happy that I have had the opportunity to meet Yesterday.  Yesterday was everything I wanted and more.  Sometimes, Yesterday and I had our differences.  It wasn’t until I completely understood Today I felt like I was reborn and could understand you as well as Yesterday.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget Yesterday.  However, being with Today has brought me a new outlook on life that I don’t think I could ever live without.  You were the one who I look forward to, but Today is the one that I can’t live without.  Our connection is too strong for us to think that we could ever be apart.  I’ll always think fondly of Yesterday…

I didn’t want to tell you like this but I have found no other way to express the things that I have been feeling and thinking.  So without any other words I have to tell you that I don’t want to see you for a bit.  Even though I know that I will see you soon.  Being here with Today couldn’t be any more wonderful, I am truly happy to be here, with Today.  Since we both know that our being together is inevitable, you wont mind if you wait for me to see you.  Either way, you don’t have a choice but I do.  I just prefer to be here, with Today.




One comment

  1. Bill Kelly

    A beautiful expression of living in the moment….such talent is a treasure to the world…thank you, Blake!


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