The Value of Tears

My life carries on, they’d say to me.

Your life is a blessing for all those who are around you. They’d say to me.

This pain has lasted too long.

I can’t keep up with these pains.

My encouraging presence is but a whisper, I’d say to them.

Your song is one of a canopy shading us from a harsh sun, they’d say to me.

These tears are just something.

I can’t seem to blot out destiny, these tears.

My candor is a desirable trait. They’d say to me.

You’re a sweet breath of fresh air amidst this dry heat, they’d say to me.

Thine love isn’t attentive to mine.

I can’t refute my chosen path of Love.

My belongings are inconceivably small. They’d turn on me.

You have a way about you in which resembles dogs, they’d turn on me.

I can’t quite make it.

I can’t put a value on these tears.

Although the depletion of these, my, fluids within my body create an absence where I struggle to fill. The value? The effort to fill. That is the value of these tears…


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