Over the years I have had the desire to write and share images from my minds eye.  Over the years I have enjoyed feedback and love from individuals who I have met along the way, alongside those who I have never met or had the opportunity to meet.  I have been photographing the world around me for years, actually ever since I was a boy.  I also have been making up stories that were real to me, well mostly not, ever since I was a boy.  Those photographs have been placed in folks homes on their walls, including friends and family coupled with individuals who I do not know on a personal basis.  Some of the stories have turned into plays and coffee table reading matter.  Thinking about those things really blows my mind.  It’s hard to fathom…


Depending on where you live, on this, our planet, that keeps swirling and turning around as the days pass, we all have one thing in common;  We are alive.  When I stop doing what I am doing, I think of you.  Yes you, you who are reading this, right now.  I feel you where ever you are in this world.  I can understand how you feel.  I can understand how you think.  At least I try to do so.  With that being said, I feel you.  For I understand my living.  I understand who I am and how I feel.  Thus, how I think.  I hope that isn’t too forward.  I hope I’m not coming onto you too strong.


When I started this blog several years ago, I didn’t know what would come of it.  Honestly I didn’t really consider much of it.  I wanted a way to share what I was thinking, conjuring, creating, dreaming, stealing with anyone who would watch or listen.  Ever since then I haven’t stopped.  I have put out thoughts regarding all sorts of topics and published many series of photographs with different themes, as “out there” as some of them may be;  however, those published pieces equal who I am.


29.  In 35 days, on 11-26-2012, I’ll be 30.  Yikes.  30 years old.  What you know of me might be a little construed.  You see, the fact I am 29 going on 30 doesn’t really matter.  What matters is this;  I have mislead you into believing me to be what you have read, or what you have seen.  For that I have to apologize.  You see, from all the views, comments, likes I’ve received, to me they are just numbers.  It isn’t until I have received emails from readers who explain to me how they have been touched by my posts, or how they have learned something regarding photography or creative writing, or how they think I am the biggest douche on the planet where I really get that feeling of understanding of how those numbers, which are thrown at us daily, and how they really affect us on an individual level.  How many followers do you have?  How many views did you get for that piece?  What was your overall click count for that post?  I am realizing, that shit doesn’t matter.  What matters is how the things you read and see makes you, the reader/goggler, feel.  What matters is how what I have done incites you to do something.  What matters is what you seen and read are parts of my soul.  They are the things that make me.  They are things I’ve done.


My father, who I am not sure if is alive or not, asked me often when we were around each other, What is it you think you are doing?  usually he had a point behind his question that made me stop and think about how I needed to really analyze what I was doing. Perhaps, it was due to a point of changing my course of action.  I didn’t understood that question, fully, until years later.  Honestly, I am still trying to understand what he really met.  However, what I think he meant is this;  The act of doing is the most sacred possession we have on this planet.  It describes us for who we are.  It defines our being.  It makes up what is in our breath of life.  I have heard the expression, I think it’s a scripture or something, ‘Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.’ I believe this; out the abundance of the heart our actions speaks.  That is when and only when we are truly putting ourselves out on a shelf to be chosen or to be left behind.


Currently, upon reading my thoughts up until now, you may be wondering what the hell is Blake talking about… well let me try to clean up this piece with one direct and swooping paragraph to explain why I’ve chosen to talk to all of you without using a story to mask my thoughts.

Here it is:  In the past year I have been in a room with individuals who are doctors, lawyers, mayors, street artists, painters, working professional photographs, scientists, biologists, musicians, drifters, transporters, writers, philosophers, theologians, preachers, teachers, world travelers, environmentalists, salesmen, creatives, laborists, dj’s, politicians, revolutionaries, students, aspiring dental hygienists who have become dental hygienists, taxi drivers, bit bosses, insurance workers, cosmetologists, assistant directors, personal assistants, you name it.  When I mention those kinds of people I am not exaggerating when I say, I know if I wanted to I couldn’t mention all of the different types of people I have met and held a conversation with.  However, after meeting all of you and some, I can honestly say what I have had to say has changed.  I will no longer be anything that I was.  In fact, what I am has been influenced by your support and interaction.  I realize I have not said one word to you, my friends, straight forwardly.  I realize every moment I sat to write to you I was creating a story.  So all in all, all I wanted to say, to you, is this, thank you…


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