Why do we insist on hurting each other? Is there any other way around the direct destruction of our selfishness? Where do we draw the line between having a happy trigger finger and that of an extending hand? How can we change this deceptive reasoning that we are better than those on our left and right as we look into their eyes and believe are better than they are? Are there any more heroes among us? Or are those heroes us, those of us, reading these words?


My father told me to never disrespect anyone. Charles Darwin was wrong, I believe. He preached about survival of the fittest; however, based on how advanced his mind set was, he should have realized it isn’t about survival at all. His intellect should have proven him to be wrong. It isn’t about who’s the last one standing; it’s about how they got there. There are different sides for every argument. The way we hurt others will eventually hurt us. That is the miracle of life. That is the answer. When I look into the future I can ascertain that we will drown if we don’t change. It’s not about survival, it’s about life. It’s about the enjoyment of such life.


Change. It’s happening as we speak. Why are we so arrogant to think we can control the change? How are we too proud to see we are not the answer. Have you seen the oceans of this world? Aren’t they just a pixel in comparison to our giant Sun of a star? Well then, who the fuck are we to believe we have the answers? Who the fuck are we to say we know where we are going after we die? If we do not change we will drown. How the fuck can we say our individual faiths are more correct then the next? How the fuck can you rightfully and honestly fight in the name of your “god”? Label me. Label me all day. Just know, when you do so, you make yourself ignorant. I only say these things because today I hurt someone, and now I’m writing this to you:




  1. Good words Blake. The survival of the fittest is part of the world of animals of which we are part. The difference being that we homo sapiens should be able to reason with each other, work cooperatively, accept difference and to support each other in change. Easier said than done.


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