I’m Wrong

The bus passes me by.
I exhale.
The relief I feel from my pain by the passing bus is great.
I inhale.
Admitting to myself I’m wrong isn’t easy. But I am.
I exhale.
My head automatically falls on its own. I fall through the clouds.
I inhale.
No one will catch me. I’m falling.
I exhale.
Slowly I fell through the concrete sidewalk. No one saw.
I inhale.
The umbrella I pull out is black. It isn’t raining.
I exhale.
The invisible matter catches in my umbrella. I float downward.
I inhale.
No longer do I fall. I’m floating.
I exhale.
The ground looks far away. The sidewalk approaches.
I inhale.
The two shoes I’m wearing land in the same spot I stood before.
I exhale.

That was a close call.


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