Deeply Pushed Into Cold


A fire rages while burning years of sentimental family items as the flames lick them up into coals. Not long after that the fire burns out after every piece of its energy has dissipated, the fire vanished into the night. The family items did not belong to the fire. But it claimed them as personal possessions to use for its selfish desire to stay alive. The fire didn’t vanish into the night, it died after each and every available matter was spent. As the fire danced its dance over and in and between these inanimate objects the heat relinquished to smoke while it attached itself to all things remaining as a reminded, selfishness was here. The smoke vanished as rain poured upon the hot coals deeply pushing them into cold coals. “This was one hell of a fire.” remarked an overweight firefighter pulling a cigarette box from his yellow fire retardant jacket after pulling a single cigarette out after lighting the tip of it with a yellow lighter he pulled out from his yellow fire retardant pants. People can become just like fire. Using all there is to use from you after they then die out as fast as they came as you face the cold. You may even eventually say, “That was one hell of a fire.”


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