The Dream

I had a dream the other day.

I saw the Sun dance across your lips as they were built amongst a smile. I felt your warm embrace iced with water drops from a nearby rushing stream you used to cool off your body. I heard your laugh while I listened to your thoughtful words whom floated into my ears like church bells sounding another hour of change. I smelt your hair as I held you in my arms while its dark nature shimmered with the burning Suns rays. I tasted you as you gently placed your lips on mine. I asked you, “Am I dreaming?” You answered me, “This is a dream.” You said, “We’re both dreaming.” The audiotastic body of water, streaming, sung to us, so it seemed to me, as it dumped itself onto yet another section of its continuation. I thought to myself how ironic, or is it coincidental, that this stream may never end but this dream, this dream would only last only a few moments. For once in my life I am envious of a stream. If only this dream would last as long as its rushing water. Ecstasy has been defined. I did my best to stay there. I did my ernest to hold on as tightly as possible to that dream. I am here. Here, seeing your absence. Feeling your lack of presence. Hearing nothing, the overall nothing from you now. Smelling anything but your smell. Tasting the bitter sweet accentuating subtract of your lips. I am here. Alas, it was just a dream. A dream in which I will never forget.

I had a dream the other day…


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