Letters From People You Love (12/7/18)

December 7, 2018


I only hope you receive this letter in good favor and with haste.  When I heard that the World Wide Web was taken over today, I had to write this and send it off to you.  I was thinking about it, the last eleven years have passed with an extreme amount of quickness and without noise.  It seemed like 2018 was way into the future for any one of us to really care enough about it.  But here we are, and as far as I’m concerned, no one really expected things to be like this either.  Maybe our lack of attention to time knock the wind out of us.  I mean, everyone was so busy with their lives, we just didn’t see this coming.  But yesterday reality hit me when Red Forces moved into the Northern part of the Bronx and the Eastern side of Queens.  Before we left Mt. Vernon we set more booby traps, within the city than, than I have ever seen our troops place before let alone on our own soil.  But, for some strange reason I don’t feel like they are going to stop them.  We’re trying to keep them from making it into Manhattan, well I guess we’re mainly trying to keep them out of the Business Center.  It doesn’t look like we can do it without destroying most of the city though.  I saw areal imagery of the Long Island Expressway, it looks like Iraq after 2016.  After looking at another image that same day, which was two days ago, I asked my Sergeant Miller what I was looking at.  In response to my question his very short and emotionless reply almost made me believe I was dreaming, he said, “The John F. Kennedy International Airport.”  After we lost Long Island, we put everyone in Queens, it seemed like.  If we can’t stop them here, our ground tactics will the be the only thing we can rely on inside the city.  They have troops coming into Staten Island and the South East side of Brooklyn.  They have been slowly pushing us back into Brooklyn Heights.  I saw an anti-aircraft missile fly somewhere downtown.  I heard it explode but I don’t know where it hit.  I’m pretty sure if they get into the heart of Brooklyn we’ll lose the city.  The southern side of Brooklyn could already be compromised by now.  They positioned several of their Naval ships in the Lower Bay.  Our boys in the Navy are doing their best, in the Upper Bay, to knock them back.  But it just seems like they keep coming.  I heard down south in Jersey, they have already made their way into Middlesex County.  Sonar Boys, which are basically the Satellite Image Analysis Department (SIAD), (I’m sorry I know you don’t like those kinds of details) are checking up and down the Atlantic for subs who could have nukes.  I know me saying that scares you, but everything will be okay, cause they’ll find any sub and sink the vessel before they can fire it off.  Some other guys were telling me that home owners have been fighting along with us and the Marines.  Please tell your dad and brother to keep you and Ma safe and to avoid fighting at all costs.  In nine days the President will probably make an announcement for most of the East coast to evacuate to the Midwest.  If you can, leave before then.  I would make your way into South West Mexico.  If you can manage it, I would leave when this letter reaches you.  If you wait when they evacuate everyone, it will take you months to get passed the Rockies. And if Red Forces take the West Coast you will have to head down to Mexico anyway and they might not let you in at that time due to the amount of refugees trying to across the border.  Take all our money and exchange it for Pesos.  Pack whatever you can fit in our car, have Ma and Pa do the same.  If the things I believe are going to happen our dollar isn’t going to be worth anything in a few months maybe even several weeks.  I hope you have been getting all my mail.   I received your package, I wish I could have been there to see you give birth to our son.  I miss your smile.  I miss how soft you are compared to reality.  A guy in our crew lost his brother in Weschester County, in upstate New York.  I think I heard him say Vista. But I don’t know for sure.  I just know Luke’s up there.  Have you heard from anyone in my family?  My love, I don’t want to say anything that you can’t forget because I hope you wont need too.  However, I hope this will be something you won’t want to forget.  Sometimes at night, when it’s calm, and when no one is saying anything.  And when the noise of this war seems to dissipate from my cognizance I realize that dead air does have a sound.  It’s the sound of your voice.  It’s the sound I heard the first time you spoke to me at that diner we went to all those years ago.  I can still remember what you wore.  I can still remember that smile you dressed across your face when I spilt some pesto sauce on that white dress shirt I had on.  Lover, the eleven years we’ve spent together have been the best of my life.  No matter what happens, I will see you again.  I smile when I think about you.  Even as all this is going on, and I’m surrounded by noise.  But, my darling, be as careful as you can, and remember, keep looking for me.  Stay close to your dad, he’ll keep you safe.  I’ll find you in some small town in Mexico when all this is over.  We’ll have a margarita together, and eat some fish tacos.  Kiss our son for me, and tell him I’ll meet him soon.  I love you.  I’ll be thinking about you, always.

Yours Sincerely,


Written by Blake Byers


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